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AI and CHAT GPT. The Way Ahead?

I have been doing some research on advertised job opportunities for the over 50's and frustratingly coming up with the usual options.......volunteer, part-time, delivery driver, manager, administrator, cleaner, plumber etc etc. All with 'age diverse' companies!! We need people to do these jobs, of course we do, but there don't appear to be many people over 50 hanging outside McDonalds on a moped or delivering goods in a Tesco van. Valuable professions all of them, but is there anything else around? .

Having completed my research I decided to consult the AI oracles to see if I could find a new angle on the matter. Please make up your own mind.

Finding a fulfilling job over the age of 50 in the UK involves considering roles that leverage experience, skills, and a desire for flexibility or part-time work. Here are some of the 'best' job options for those over 50:

1. Consulting and Freelancing

• Advantages: Utilizes extensive experience, offers flexibility.

• Fields: Management, marketing, finance, IT, human resources.

2. Teaching and Tutoring

• Advantages: Leverages subject matter expertise, rewarding work.

• Fields: Secondary education, adult education, private tutoring.

3. Healthcare and Caregiving

• Advantages: Growing sector, opportunities for part-time work.

• Roles: Healthcare assistant, home health aide, occupational therapist.

4. Non-Profit and Volunteering

• Advantages: Meaningful work, often flexible hours.

• Roles: Charity worker, community support coordinator, volunteer manager.

5. Retail and Customer Service

• Advantages: Part-time opportunities, interaction with people.

• Roles: Retail assistant, customer service representative, store manager.

6. Administration and Clerical Work

• Advantages: Stable work environment, part-time options.

• Roles: Office administrator, receptionist, executive assistant.

7. Driving and Delivery Services

• Advantages: Flexible hours, independent work.

• Roles: Delivery driver, courier, chauffeur.

8. Self-Employment and Small Business Ownership

• Advantages: Independence, ability to leverage personal interests.

• Fields: Craftsmanship, consultancy, e-commerce, local services.

9. Remote Work and Virtual Assistance

• Advantages: Work-from-home flexibility, growing market.

• Roles: Virtual assistant, online customer support, data entry specialist.

10. Property Management and Real Estate

• Advantages: Interaction with people, potential for high earnings.

• Roles: Property manager, real estate agent, estate planner.

Considerations for Over-50 Job Seekers:

• Networking: Use professional networks like LinkedIn and local networking groups.

• Training and Upskilling: Consider courses or certifications to stay competitive.

• Flexibility: Look for roles that offer part-time or flexible hours to match lifestyle needs.

• Health and Wellness: Ensure the job does not overly strain physical health.

By focusing on sectors that value experience and offer flexibility, individuals over 50 can find rewarding and sustainable employment opportunities.

Does this help? Are we any the wiser? I intend to explore and hopefully widen the scope of opportunity in the coming weeks.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
May 16

What a great post - much food for thought. Well done Chris

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