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One highly successful career takes a new and some may say rather surprising and interesting turn. After apparently teaching himself how to play the guitar during the pandemic, Eric Cantona, aged 57, has written some songs, made an album and is taking his show on the road, on a sellout tour across the UK, and Europe. It only goes to show that its never too late.

The phrase ‘critically acclaimed’ hasn’t appeared in any of his PR just yet, but a set of melancholic songs around friends he has lost along the way sees him take a completely new direction, a challenge for the man perhaps best remembered (by non Manchester United fans) for events at Selhurst Park in 1995.

Cantona retired from football way back in 1997 and since then has had a go at a variety of careers, among them acting, advertising, modelling and now music and to his credit he has had some success along the way in films, commercials and football!

He will perform 3 live shows in Manchester, London and Europe. He will be playing with a band next year, but for now….’I’m starting with a modest piano to play alongside me in intimate venues’. He kicks off in Manchester before heading to The Bloomsbury Theatre in London.

Never a man to lack confidence and from the little I have heard, think Leonard Cohen with a hint of Charles Aznavour. (With apologies to Aznavour and Cohen fans).

At Success After 50 we wish Eric bon chance in his new career.

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